Safeguarding Adults

Defining abuse.
Types if abuse.
Safeguarding Principles (six principles).
Identify the warning signs and symptoms of abuse.
Circumstances in which abuse can occur.
How to support a service user if an abuse is suspected.
Professional responsibilities
Managing disclosure.
Identify Where to get help.
How and when to whistle blow.
Underpinning legislations.
DOLS (deprivation of liberty safeguards).
Discussion and scenario based test.
Assessment (assessment will be done regularly throughout the session).

By doing the course the staff will be able to understand:

• Types of abuse and definition of abuse.
• Identify potential abuse and warning signs.
Their legal responsibility under care act.
• How to get help in the event of and abuse.
• How to disclose abuse appropriately.

Duration: Half a day
Price: £14 /Person
  • Duration Half a Day
  • Price £14:00 P/P

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