Moving and handling legislation.

Individual requirements of the staff members.

Assess resident’s ability and needs.

Application of moving and handling regulations at work place.

Application of core bio-mechanical principles of safer handling.

Understand how spine muscles can be damaged as result of unscientific moving and handling.

Explain the relationship between ergonomics and safer handling.

Plan for emergency situations.

The role of organizations organisations role in handling.


Transferring a service user.

Help service users to stand from a chair and bed.

Help a resident move into bed with the help of turn table.

Turning a service user in bed.

Helping a service user to walk a short distance.

Use a variety of pieces of small handling equipment.

Hoist a resident form bed to chair and chair to bed.

Handling of objects.

RIDDOR, incident and accident investigation.

As a result of attending the course the staff will be able to receive in-depth information about the theoretical and practical side of moving and handling in a Health and Social care environment.
• As a result of the course they will have proven ability to understand requirement of service users and staff that are involved in a moving and handling situation.
• The course will support the staff members to be a part of a team that analyses moving and handling requirement.
• The course provides robust information to the staff so that they can make plans regarding moving and handling after taking environmental and individual requirements into consideration.
• The training enables the staff to gain significant confidence in moving and handling as a result of extended simulated practical sessions that involves turning people in a bed , moving people with the help of a turntable, moving people from chair to bed and bed to chair, helping service users to walk a short distance etc. The session also involves introduction to a variety of small equipments like turntable, slide sheet and transfer board.

£40 P/P

  • Duration Full Day

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