Conflict Management

  • How to stop conflicts escalating into an emotional outburst.
  • Manage conflicts more rationally.
  • Communication in managing conflict
  • Know when to compromise, and when to stand firm.
  • Difference between valid criticism and insult.
  • Giving factual information rather than opinion.
  • Importance of body-language and voice tones in communication.
  • Root cause analysis to reach agreeable solutions.
  • Misuse of humour and sarcasm.
  • Use praise and appreciation to your advantage.
By attending the course the staff will be able to:
• Avoid situations that create conflict by active listening, identifying the root cause of the issue and controlling body language and tone of voice.
• Understand how actions and words that may create conflicting situations can be avoided.
Duration: Half day
Price: £14 /Person


  • Duration Half day
  • Price £14.00

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