Tackling Isolation in an ageing society

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Isolation has been an engrossing problem for British society for years. This has particularly come into the forefront since the economic turndown and the subsequent decrease in the resources available in the field of health and social care. Although the green shoots of economic prosperity has been identified, the economic condition of the boom period may not return. To make the matters worse global economic condition may not be the most contusive for continued economic growth…well at least in the short term.

Investigations into the subject of isolation and its impact of health conducted by “Campaign to end loneliness” shows that older people who are isolated visits their GPs more, spends more time in hospitals and is admitted to nursing homes at an earlier age than their counterparts who are not isolated. Many of these people find it so difficult and is not even confined to ask for help.

My introspection shows that we were all ignoring the problem of isolation by providing more primary, secondary and tertiary services during boom time. It is probably all responsible citizens (especially the younger families and individuals) to take an active role in the society that they live in.

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