The Growing Importance of Training in Health and Social Care

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Health and Social care as business is much dominated by the service it provides and reputation that is created as a result of that. As a labour intensive service industry, the aptitude, attitude and knowledge of the health care workers in services will be integral to the success of health and social care organisations. All these three areas can only be developed by robust training that meets the need of the organisation and the individuals who work for the organisation.

The training has been in the forefront of the last phase of development in the field of health and social care. It will be fair to say that this development is going to be continuous. Especially when we consider that the recommendation from the Francis Report was to regularise the training in the field of health and social care.

I can understand and sympathise with the authorities who has retracted slightly from implementing the Francis Report in its entirety; however one thing is for sure, the training has regained its much required importance in the field of health and social care.

It is identified that the lack of opportunities to develop is one of the important cause for loosing staff. Releasing staff is expensive and can cause turbulence in the quality of service provided and training plays an important role in career progression.

We at DHR  believes in the provision of training that meets the and exceeds the standards. We ensure that the training that we provide also suits the requirements of the organisation and the individuals that we train. This personalised approach enables organisations to provide best care for their service users under their care.

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