Health and social care act 2008.
Why is health and social care susceptible to infection?
Most common bacteria and virus and their prevention.
Standard infection prevention and control precautions.
Hand washing procedure.
Alcohol run and hygiene
Recommendations for health care workers to prevent infections.
Reporting procedure.
Hand Hygiene
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Hygiene and Cough Etiquette
Management of Blood and Body Fluid Spillages
Occupational Exposure Management
Control of the Environment
Management of Linen
Safe Management of Waste

By attending the course the staff will be able to:
• Have a good understanding about the underpinning legislation/s.
• Know how they can keep away from infections much as possible in a working environment that is susceptible to infections.
• Understand the requirement of protective clothing and hand hygiene.
• Support service users in such a way that both the staff and service users are prevented from unnecessary infections.

  • Duration Half Day
  • Price £14:00 P/P

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