Employers and Employees responsibilities under current regulations / legislation
Causes of fire.
Fire Hazards & Risks.
Risk Assessment.
Common causes of fire.
Means of escape.
Action on discovering a fire.
Means of fighting fire.
Fire Safety Management.
Fire Fighting Equipment and its use for different types of fire.
Routine fire safety inspections and maintaining a fire log.
Assessment (assessments will be carried out and recorded throughout the course).

By doing the course the staff will be able to:
• Identify causes of fire and different fire hazards. They will be equipped with knowledge to assess fire risk and take appropriate action.
• The staff undertaking the course will also be able to understand the use of fire safety equipment for different types of fire and how the service users and colleges can be supported out of danger in the event of the fire.

  • Duration Half Day
  • Price £14:00 P/P

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