COSHH-Control of substances hazardous to health

Relevant legislation to COSHH
Your responsibilities ( employee & employer responsibilities)
Good control measures
Dealing with chemical risk
Biological risks and precautions
Classification of substances
Risk assessments
Effects (chronic & acute)
Health hazards
Routes of entry
Potential illnesses
Use of Protective equipment
COSHH sheets, assessments & records
Evaluation (segments of evaluation will be conducted throughout the session).

• As a result of attending the course staff will receive information about the precautions and documentations that they have to undertake to comply with regulations related to ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health’ in a health and social care environments.
• The staff attending the course will receive in depth understanding about the COSHH items generally used in the field of health and social care. It also enables the staff to understand the responsibilities of the employee and the employer.
• It allows the staff to understand various risk including the chemical and biological risk.

Duration: Half Day
Price 14:00 /Person

  • Duration Half Day
  • Price 14:00 P/P

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